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Saper fare diplomazia interculturale
Lobasso F.
Intercultural Diplomacy embodies the richest part of the possibilities offered by international relations (public and private) through dialogue, kind assertiveness, and truthfulness. It means identifying potential syntheses between different cultures and working together with the aim of rediscovering oneself in the Other, living purposefully in the Other, accepting oneself and accepting the Other more fully.
Intercultural Diplomacy requires an area of action ranging from politics to trade, development cooperation, culture, communication, solidarity, and creativity of law.
But more than anything else, there is a need to develop a permanent, natural, fluid, intercultural attitude that tends to avoid (or at least suspend) judgment, and pushes us to better understand the surrounding reality, by savoring and metabolizing it to a greater extent.
Deepening some of the functions of the human psyche that belong to every person's world of behavioral responsiveness (such as understanding, knowledge, vision, organization, experimentation, determination, synthesis) can greatly help to achieve these goals, allowing us to appreciate everyday life as a continual and fertile discovery of what is new.




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