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Libertà religiosa e libero mercato. Una prima analisi degli studi di orientamento libertarian
Bilotti D.
The aim of this essay is to suggest a well-balanced reassessment of the philosophical and political movement called “Libertarianism”. Though its positions seem too aggressive regarding political economy and too weak in the defense of social rights, Libertarian authors tried to build a radical critique concerning the State and the prominence of government in everyday life. Today, many scholars adopt a limited libertarian perspective as a means of supporting free markets and low taxation, and criticize what they deem to be substantially unjust legislation of social services. Returning to the most interesting and innovative libertarian thinkers of prior decades, however, can reveal a more sincere side of Libertarianism. From this perspective, we can see its unexpected and theoretically powerful connections with Anarchism and Humanism, even in the promotion of fundamental human rights such as that of religious freedom.




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