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Fuccillo A.
Law is a constitutive element of social life.
The cultural and religious pluralism of contemporary societies raises issues related to encounters between people belonging to different cultures or religions. To solve the consequent problems we have to become able to manage the inevitable “cultural shock” that can derive from such situation. In [...]

'Arafa M.A.
An accurate and thoughtful understanding of the Islamic perception of the essential rights of elderly Muslims that considers the substantial contemporary fluctuations and adaptations of their cultural, economic, social, and emotional necessities, evolutions, and renovations calls for attention to Shari‘a (Islamic) principles and religious norms.

Stefanì P.
The essay addresses the issue of religious parties, specifically the dissolution of the Turkish Refah Partis, ordered by the Turkish Constitutional Court, and subsequently upheld by the European Court of Human Rights. By legitimizing the decisions of Turkish authorities, European jurisprudence affirms the incompatibility of a party inspired by the values [...]

Bilotti D.
The aim of this essay is to suggest a well-balanced reassessment of the philosophical and political movement called “Libertarianism”. Though its positions seem too aggressive regarding political economy and too weak in the defense of social rights, Libertarian authors tried to build a radical critique concerning the State and the prominence [...]

Sorvillo F.
Still today, the principles of general economic theories do not take in any way into consideration the impact of religious affiliations on economic market systems and on rational consumption patterns.
However, one must not forget that every economic model is also a product of the human kind and for this reason it [...]

Ponzio A.
The cultural and political climate as well as the values that inspired the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 belong to a distant past. The Gulf War of 1991, which introduced the concept of “just and necessary war,” marks a watershed between the Helsinki Final Act, which interdicts war as a solution [...]

Ricca M.
This essay comprises two sections.
The first one presents and explains the proposal to broaden the meaning and scope of “intese” (agreements) between the State and minority denominations. “Broadened intese” is the label employed here to define the attempt to align the “intese” with both the generally pluralistic aspirations of the [...]

Fuccillo A.
Sorvillo F.
Decimo L.
In today’s multicultural society, religious freedom must also be guaranteed within food-use patterns. The Milan Charter (Expo 2015) focuses specifically on this issue. Each person has the right to determine his diet according to his lifestyle and his cultural and religious identity. The right to feed oneself according to one’s own [...]

Sorvillo F.
The Paris events have generated a growing islamophobia in Western countries, linked to the fear of “the other”. Those who are different and who do not fit within a given culture are viewed with suspicion and excluded from society. The fear forces therefor the researcher to look for mechanisms to counter [...]

Carobene G.
The concepts of blasphemy and sacrilege have traditionally been etymologically related to religious vocabulary. In the current language of secularized contemporary societies it would be preferable to term them as provocation, incitement to hatred, insult. The tangled relationship between disrespect and freedom of expression must therefore be renewed. The issues at [...]

'Arafa M.A.
The Islamic religious frontrunners contended that the attitude of Muslims is in contradiction of graven metaphors of any religious figure, including Moses, Jesus, the Prophet of Islam among others, but it is also one of the foremost basics of Islam not to commit violence or attacks, as these obsessive assassins were [...]

Caputo R.
The essay analyses the issues that arise in the drafting and interpretation of the last will and testament, exploring the premise that the meaning of each variable depends on its interactions within its cultural contexts of reference. In multicultural and multi-religious societies, interpreting human behaviour or legal acts means that judges [...]

Agnati U.
Two fragments of two statutes issued by Constantine, preserved in the Codex Theodosianus and in the Codex Iustinianus, contain the prohibition of jurisdictional activities and of some other forms of work on the dies Solis (Sunday). By means of a detailed survey of the norms issued by the Emperor and his [...]




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