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CALUMET . intercultural law and humanities review
ISSN 2465-0145 (on-line)
Ricca M.
Sbriccoli T.
The essay addresses the relationships, often tragically interwoven, extant between migration debts and asylum applications. This topic is approached in a multidisciplinary way, so as to generate a convergence of legal and anthropological skillsets. The inquiry relies upon field research carried out among Bangladeshi asylum seekers in Italy. Through an intercultural [...]

Ricca M.
Sbriccoli T.
This essay incorporates the results of an ethnographic-legal investigation promoted by the “Accademia
del Notariato” and carried out among a sample of Italian notaries in order to identify issues that arise when legal assistance, particularly from notaries, is provided to foreign clients. The methodological approach applied consists of qualitative research. The theoretical [...]




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