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Ricca M.
This essay addresses a Judgment of Divorce ruled by an Italian court (Tribunale di Padova) applying Moroccan family law—specifically, Moudawwana Articles 83 and 114. By means of a renvoi to EU Regulation n. 1259/2010, the spouses' application for divorce benefitted from the so-called “immediate divorce” provision, namely a divorce without a [...]

Ricca M.
In this essay I address the meaning and functions of charity in contemporary secularized democracies against the background of its plural roots in the three monotheistic religions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The legacy of these different traditions seems to be ambivalent in itself, even more so when it is placed [...]

Ricca M.
This essay comprises two sections.
The first one presents and explains the proposal to broaden the meaning and scope of “intese” (agreements) between the State and minority denominations. “Broadened intese” is the label employed here to define the attempt to align the “intese” with both the generally pluralistic aspirations of the [...]

Ricca M.
The essay addresses the issue concerning intercultural translation and its relationship with human rights. This matter is analyzed by taking human rights as interfaces of metaphorical intercultural “transduction” rather than as parameters to assess the lawfulness of people’s behaviors or their legal systems of belonging. Such an approach is in tune [...]

Ricca M.
The European Union was born under the sign of ‘unity in diversity’ and pluralism. Such a design with its rather oxymoronic combination of ends has so far found an institutional and procedural synthesis. From a cultural point of view, however, Europe is divided, and efforts towards anthropological translation, at least in [...]

Ricca M.
The essay envisages the new, possible professional perspectives that intercultural law seems to open up to young lawyers. At the crossroads between the necessity to supply legal assistance to foreigners and the current crisis that legal professionals undergo, a legal intercultural competence might provide both a way out of the dire [...]




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